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Bug Tracking / Reports

We are trying to build the best product available. Currently we have focused our efforts on making ECT the most secure incall and text platform available. Please work with us and give us your suggestions on how to build the best product for your needs.

Current Bugs Reported

iPhone – Currently there is not a version for i-Phone, but it is coming soon.

Incoming calls from default dialer can be heard by ECT, but ECT can not be heard by those on the default dialer.

Fix – There is a hold / pause button for ECT next to the speaker phone and mute options.

Voice Mail – We have not provided this in the initial release.

Fix – We are designing a high security version for this.

AT&T Blocking ECT- Currently AT&T is blocking the ECT voice channel Text is working, but you can not speak or hear accros the connection.

Fix – Sort term, use WiFi and everything works perfectly. Long term, we are petitioning AT&T to fix this issue. This is an illegal practice for a provider to block traffic from paying customers.

Phone Book – Currently some devices are not getting updated phone books in ECT that show others with ECT. If a user is ECT capable, the phone with the lock should be bright red.

Fix – Manually add user to default dialer’s phone book and call through ECT 1 time by dialing their number directly.

Phone Book and Call history – There is not yet a quick reference to jump to letters in the alphabet or to have a most active numbers called display first.

Fix – This will be coming in a future release.

Text Attachments not available – We know we released without having attachments available, but wait for this feature as it will blow your mind what we have instore for you.

Fix – Coming soon – with file transfer and more

Phone Book in Text – There is not yet the ability to send texts to non phonebook users.

Fix – This will be coming in a future release, but for now, add the user to the phone book or send them a text during a call. This should update the phonebook with their ECT status.

Delay for Hearing Voice – This is actually not a bug, but part of switching between the authentication VPN and the 1 time use direct phone to phone VPN. Calls should be available in less than 2 seconds and usually less than 1.

Samung 6 – ECT does not ring for incoming calls when you have notifications volume turned down.

Fix – Turn up the notifications volume and disable the alerts in other programs that use that feature.

ECT not ringing –

FIX – Restart ECT. If any issue like this continues, ensure you delete your account, delete ECT from your phone and download the latest version.

Tell Us What You Think

Please let us know how we can improve your experience with ECT. If there are features that do not work for your device or perhaps features you would like to see, please let us know below.