Q: Does The ECT make unencrypted Phone Calls?
A: The ECT links to your phones default dialer to make unencrypted phone calls and does not change the default dialer in any way.

Q: Does ECT work with IOS?
A: Currently we do not have an IOS version but we are working on it ASAP.

Q: Does ECT use my minutes?
A: No! ECT works over the internet exclusively. It will use your MB per month.

Q: Does ECT require a service provider to work?
A: No! ECT can work over any internet connection, though you will need a unique phone number to be registered with ECT. Even old cell phones can use the ECT which makes this perfect to give to kids to use to call parents at no cost.

Q: Do you need a cell phone for ECT?
A: No, your tablet running an Android OS 4.0 or higher should work fine. You must register with a unique phone number which must be able to receive SMS texts. This can be obtained via Google Voice.

Q: If my social media account is compromised, will that impact ECT?
A: ECT uses social media such as Google+ or Facebook to authenticate users. If your username or password changes in the social media of choice, it will need to be changed in ECT. You can always re-register to reset this setting. If someone has gotten your social media user name and password, it will not compromise the ECT as that is only a partial amount of the information that is required to make or receive encrypted calls. In addition, it is not the local phone that authenticates to social media, but the back end ECT server.