How ECT works

Technical Overview

How ECT Works ?

ECT uses Internet, not normal voice channels. Hence it does not require cell service.

ECT does not have the same locally generated key weakness as found in the other solutions. No part of the local phone data or user data is used to generate the key.

Once the user is registered, they have created a unique ECT caller ID or PIN that uniquely identifies their calls to the ECT server. This in addition to the phone number, Social media User Name / Password (validated by the social media network) as well as validation of the person on the other side of the call. Both the caller and receiver must meet all 5 elements successfully in order to speak. This gives a 10 point multifactor authentication for every call and text. The nice part is, these validations happen so quickly, it is just like a normal call, but encrypted!

Once the ECT server has vetted both the call initiator and call recipient, the server sends a unique 1 time use encryption key to each user. This connection is dropped and a new connection directly between the 2 users is created using the newly created 1 time key. Notice there are not ECT servers, weak protocols or service providers in the middle. Users are in full control of their content.

How is ECT Free ?

ECT uses Google AdSense to present small banner advertisements which are displayed on each call. This ad cost pays to provide the most secure encrypted calling to you for no cost on our public network! If a private implementation of ECT is required, there are costs, but all ECT users use the same client and can switch between networks.

Sample Screen Shots of ECT

ECT Process Diagram






Incoming Call



Social Media Login









e-Registration / Phone Replacement Auth



Account Settings



In Call Screen