The Problem

Criminals are everywhere from renting offices next to businesses for network data access or on the streets capturing people’s phone calls, credentials and personal information. Increasingly the cell phone is a critically depended on device for businesses, but cell phones are listened to and their data is easily stolen without the need to touch the device. Office and home phones are just as easily compromised as they transmit across the internet in open format ready to be listened to from skilled hackers whom know where to look or even the US government. Business is lost due to inside knowledge.


  • Uncontrolled Phone Assets = Privacy and Security Risks
  • Cell, desk and home phone lines are open = difficult to uniformly secure = data access risks and privacy risks – Listening to your calls
  • Fake Cell Towers are placed all over – your calls are on uncontrolled networks – Listening to your calls
  • Data thieves are renting spaces in buildings to have access to data lines and wireless signals which are easily captured – Listening to your calls
  • Private information such as bid quotes and customer data is being captured and sold to competitors to win business
  • Executives are at risk for private conversation blackmail
  • User names and passwords are commonly duplicated and shared – lost devices can be scrapped and have credentials compromised.  Cell phones and other portable devices can be proximity duplicated.
  • Single network authentication could lead to compromised credentials and leaks


  • Secured Downtown Houston Oil and Gas bid quotes lost over 400 Billion dollars to date from the Chinese.  Leading to an FBI accusation and investigation.
  • Phone scanners can capture full phone data – Hollywood stars had private images stored locally on their phones.  This was even worse when user names and passwords were compromised from the same phone captures which allowed the thieves to gain access to online information.