The Solution

The Solution – Use E C T & local phone encryption

  • ECT ensures all phone calls and text messages include only the intended parties via 10 points of multi-factor authentication sent from the 2 people’s phones over an encrypted channel to a back end server which sends an encryption key to each party.  This connection drops and a new one is formed directly between the 2 intended parties utilizing a 1 time encryption key. Even the government is not able to listen without a warrant and SSC approval
  • ECT works with local encryption to ensure that phone scrapping is not possible.
  • ECT uses multiple networks for authentication to ensure caller identity with a 10 point multi-factor authentication from both parties: 1. Social media logins, 2. PIN ID on ECTs network and finally personal user data from both of the users phone book records and phone IDs.
  • Private network implementations add even more control and assurance of privacy by operating on your own server systems.  This allows full control the user population and assurance of encryption and contact lists.
  • Private network users can use the same application to access any authorized ECT network, including the public network to call any public ECT users such as customers, family friends or even extreme private calls.
  • Scrapping, spectral analysis, data duplication or even hacking social media is insufficient to capture the phone signal and break the 1 time encryption that is not stored locally.